• 220 m² Studio space
  • 30 m² Gallery
  • 60 m² Terrace with water view
  • 30 m² Dining area/kitchen
  • 300 m² Courtyard area
  • 5 m Ceiling height
  • 3 x 32 A / 17 x 230 V Power supply


  • Over 4 m high windows on 3 sides (can be darkened individually)
  • 12 m x 1 m glass floor illuminated from below, mobile make-up table
  • Studio accessible by car up to 2.5 t
  • Parking spaces directly in front of the studio


Daily rent STUDIO 1 / photo production 1250,- EURO
Total price for both studios - daily rent / photo production 2200,- EURO

For event formats in the art and culture sector, for corporate events and film productions as well as for the additional rental
of the parking area other prices apply. Please inquire separately at


The 300 m2 studio space is divided between the gallery, a terrace with water view and the kitchen.
Over 4 meter high windows on 3 sides flood the spacious rooms with daylight.
In addition to a separate gallery, which can also be used as a meeting or make-up room, a large dining area with kitchen is part of the equipment.
The studio is directly accessible.  A delivery of props and equipment can easily be made via our rolling gate.
A large number of parking spaces for cars and trucks are located directly in front of the studios.